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Ruth Searle ArT

Browse Art & Photography for sale

Original art available for sale. Contat Ruth or via Artfinder

Prints of originals available from Ruth's Etsy shop

Featured Art


Another of my large pastel drawings on black paper. 


White charcoal on black paper (A2 size).


A large drawing. White on black in charcoal and coloured pastel in the eyes. 

Whale breaching in the moonlight

One of my latest 'moon and stars' paintings. I love painting these mixed media pieces and they are getting bigger all the time. This one is 50 x 65 cm but I'm planning some giant ones next. It'll  be my first adventure in painting large pieces - think I need a bigger studio...

Incoming tide SOLD

I love creating abstracts - you never really know how they'll come out. This mini abstract, just 15 x 10 cm is sparkly, textured and glistens in the light. With flowing aqua and gold colours, this piece reminds me of the ocean tide coming in on a sun-drenched tropical beach. I think I might have a go at some giant abstracts too...

Acrylic abstract on canvas

One of my latest acrylic abstracts with copper and chrome and a mix of shimmering purple and aqua. 

SOLD Black Cat on Black

Black cat portrait on black paper

SOLD Black Cat on Black

A black cat on a black background

SOLD Acrylic abstract on Welsh slate

Black, white, silver and shimmering copper on Welsh slate. I like to feature the imperfections in the slate as part of the art.

Acrylic abstract on canvas


Acrylic abstract on wood

This piece was painted on wood. I'm going to try some driftwood too...

Acrylic abstract on wood

Another piece on wood...

Large acrylic abstract on canvas

Another of my 5ft x 4ft canvases. 

Pastel drawing on black paper

A cat portrait. This is a large piece (84x32cm). 

Horse's Eye

One of a recent series of horse portraits in pastel


Horse portrait in pastel

Horse Friendship SOLD

Horses in pastel

Acrylic abstract on Canvas

Swirl with copper

Horse Portrait

A horse portrait in pastel


A mixed media space painting. Mainly spray paint. 


A mixed media space painting. Mainly spray paint. 


A pastel horse portrait

Breaching whale

A watercolour and ink painting of a breaching whale

Humpback whale

A watercolour and ink painting of a humpback whale

Cherry blossom in the moonlight

A watercolour and acrylic painting

Cherry blossom at nightfall

A watercolour and acrylic painting

A forest at nightfall

A watercolour and acrylic painting

About Ruth

Ruth is an artist, writer and marine biologist. She has a PhD in humpback whale ecology and behaviour and has studied the whales in the Caribbean, Tonga, Alaska and Canada. Ruth has always loved art and has sold her work around the world, including through exhibitions on boats in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. She's been commissioned to create charity cards for the Marine Conservation Society and artwork for an elephant sanctuary as well as numerous private commissions. She recently donated art to Viva! which was sold at auction. Ruth has also been commission to produce giant abstracts for business clients. Ruth lives in the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside with her husband, 6 cats, rescued hens and turkeys.  

Ruth's artist statement 

Ruth works with the Horizon Art Project

and will be holding open studio events and exhibitions in conjunction with FarOpen. She will be holding events at her own studio several times a year, including the Open Gardens event in May 2021.

Visits to the studio are welcome at any time by appointment. Please contact Ruth

Ruth is happy to take commissions and also sells her art from the following website:


Ruth's writing and publishing website: